Top 6 Best Korean Face Care Products – Support Your Beauty

Top 6 Best Korean Face Care Products – Support Your Beauty

Everyone prioritizes their face care above everything else and this is common with people of all age groups. Beauty of your face is the first impression you leave on someone. The more attractive and presentable you look, the more successfully and confidently you can interact with people. You might have used a number of face care products in your life to increase your beauty and make it long lasting. Korean face care products have made their name worldwide because of their amazing results. A few of the best of these products are given below which can support your beauty and make it last for years to come.

Banobagi Cosmetics Vita Genic Jelly Face Mask

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This jelly face mask by Banobagi is rich in concentrated gel-like hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. The microgel particles make sure that your skin gets the maximum benefits by penetrating into the deepest layers of skin. Vitamins and mineral infusion uplifts the skin cells and signs of brightness and radiance can be seen right after first usage of the mask. Reduction in pore size makes sure that you never experience blackheads and oil breakdown in future.

SKIN & LAB Vitamin C Serum

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Vitaminn C is known for its amazing healing and skin regeneration ability. This serum by SKIN & LAB is rich in moisturizing and anti-aging properties. This Korean vitamin will help you get an amazingly bright and smooth skin with improved health. It will help you in uplifting the skin cells and also improves immunity, helping you fight against infections. Vitamin C also brightens up the skin and makes sure you get all the necessary nutritional benefits. Niacinamide and adenosine keep your skin hydrated and soft over long intervals of time.

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream

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ETUDE HOUSE collagen cream is perfect for getting an amazingly soft and smooth skin with increased elasticity and flexibility. The collagen water particles move into the inner layer of skin and make it dewy soft. The boost of collagen makes your skin youthful by preventing loose skin and formation of wrinkles. The results appear as beautifully attractive and healthy skin. Continue reading →

Pisces Season: March Horoscope Nail Shades

The Pisces season is the time when humanity becomes one new race, one love, and one consciousness. It is also a time when there is no discernment, no discrimination (that is for Pisces antithesis, Vigo), patterns, texture, color, creed, and all races. Has Rihanna’s Pisces style ever caught your attention? Neon, florals, solids, stripes, and Polka dots, all of them are accepted in Pisces. All the possibilities are also accepted in Pisces because they are essential to our imaginations and dreams where the universe’s boundless limits are discovered, and people are brave enough to become artists.

Furthermore, the season is all about learning that forgiveness is an essential aspect of life. It is also about becoming empathetic to the world’s pain, letting our imaginations and pain to shine, and even getting lost in the process of life. Pisces season is a time when you want to commune with your soul and move out of your comfort zone by feeling your way into a color. So when the Pisces month comes, and you are out shopping in your nearest nail store or ordering your favorite color from nail supplies online, you should ask yourself if it serves your dreams for the season. Besides, all colors, including acrylics, gels, and dipping powder colors, are never discriminated against; they serve one purpose.

Pisces Happy Birthday

Your sign’s new moon on February 23rd and its opposite on March 9th is an indicator of a rebirth. Almost the last one month on your sign has been sent by Mercury Retrograde, gifting you with clarity about making your savvy intuitions better and clarity on goals, dreams, and ideas. Synchronicity is especially most apparent on February 20th. This season is your best season, and it implies that your best qualities should come first. For this reason, Mural Mural on The Wall is the shade that you should go shopping for. The color is light enough, but it is also sensual and alluring, making it the best complete me color. The color ignites love and your poetic prose; thus, you should own it, especially during the full moon on February 23rd and Venus entering Taurus on March 4th. It is also great for your career as it streamlines your career vision into more tangible experiences. Besides, it reminds you to start saving, especially when your finances have a great flow. Continue reading →

Top 6 Best Tattoo Numbing Products for Painless Tattoos

Top 6 Best Tattoo Numbing Products for Painless Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is same as getting a small-scale surgery on the skin. While getting a tattoo, a number of small needles are used to get the design inked perfectly on the skin. Needless to mention, the process is extremely painful and thus the use of a good numbing product is mandatory to make the procedure smooth, efficient and painless. The loss of pain sensation not only makes the client comfortable but also helps the tattoo artist to concentrate on the procedure as the client stays quiet and calm. If you are also planning to get a tattoo in near future, here are the best numbing products for painless tattoos.

Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream

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The premium tattoo numbing cream is rightly known as the numbing powerhouse as it provides a long lasting and instant pain relief. The vitamin E added in the formula allows healing and repair of the burned or irritated skin and also provides continuous moisture and hydration. This gives a refreshed feeling at the inflamed site.

Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Spray

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If you are looking for the best numbing sprays for tattoo, here is the one you immediately need to buy. This numbing spray by Ebanel has extremely fast mode of action, providing numbing sensation within few minutes and gives you a painless tattoo procedure. It prevents itching and redness and is perfect to reduce tattoo induced inflammation. It keeps the skin numb and helps relief pain for more than an hour. It is also good to be applied on cuts and bruises or any aching place on the body where instant pain relief is required.

Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing Gel

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The hush anesthetic numbing gel penetrates effectively into the tattooed skin and provides instant numbness without causing irritation. It is thus, totally safe to be used on sensitive skin. The container of the product has a child resistant closure so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the product. The product is totally cruelty free and has a wide and clinically proven safety and efficacy profile. Continue reading →

Why a Salon Nail Manicure Is Better than a DIY Job?

Not every woman is good at doing her nails at home. One must agree that being ambidextrous is a talent. We are either left-handed or right-handed. Under such circumstances, it is tough to do a nail manicure with your less-dominant hand. Therefore, a DIY job generally does not come out perfectly.

Is there an alternative? Yes, a visit to a salon to get your nail manicure is a fantastic option. Let us see the benefits of visiting a salon over a DIY nail manicure.

Salon Vs. DIY

Here are some benefits of a salon job.

  • Let the expert do her job

The people working at a nail salon are professionals with tremendous experience in performing nail manicures. Now, they say, “Practice makes you perfect.” It is right in the case of nail salon technicians. They are at the job, day in and day out. They know the tricks better than us.

  • In tune with the latest trends

Trends keep changing by the minute. In this social media age, it does not take long for a fashion trend to travel from one place to another. Salon technicians keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends. Hence, you can always expect the latest fashion trends when you go for a salon nail manicure.

  • Range of top-quality products

An average woman does not know every detail of the best nail manicure products available on the market. They gather their knowledge from hearsay or fashion magazines.

Salon technicians, on the other hand, are professionals working on the field. They have access to the latest product releases like Kiara Sky dipping powder. Continue reading →

Top 6 Best Hair Care Products for 2020

Top 6 Best Hair Care Products for 2020

No matter how much makeup a girl applies, it’s her hairstyle that completes her over all look. Talking about hairstyling, healthy hairs are easy to style and prevent damage. Keeping the delicate strands of hair strong and healthy may seem a hideous task but it’s not, as thousands of high quality products ranging from nourishing shampoos and conditioners to hair nutrients and serums are available in the market today.

Today we have brought to you the best hair care products which will not only strengthen the health of your hair but also help you style your hair perfectly.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo

Amazon best-selling product B0842YG95G

The L’Oreal Elvive helps the hair fight with five basic hair problems that is split ends, weakened hair, hair roughness, dullness and loss of moisture which leads to dry hair. The protein and ceramide formula protects the hair strands and makes them strong. In addition to strengthening the hair, it helps in retaining the nutrients for damaged hair to add into their repair process. It also acts perfectly to restore normal hair conditions after heat styling and color or dye processing on hair.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum

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The John Frieda serum is perfect to even out and detangle frizzy hair, working perfectly for frizz that is induced due to weather. The serum is ideal to provide protection against heat damage and getting rid of humid environmental effects. The natural bamboo extract makes is safe to use on any type of hair either it is normal or highlighted hair.

Ryoe Korean New Root Volume Shampoo + Conditioner

Amazon best-selling product B0111PBC2M

This amazing product is one of the best Korean conditioner ever. The shampoo portion of the product deeply cleanses the hair whereas the conditioner gives the sufficient amount of volume and structure to hair. It uplifts the hair from roots and makes them strong till the tips. The nutritious formula of the product helps to strengthen the hold of hair roots in the scalp. Continue reading →

Meet Alison

Alison’s love for all things beauty started at a young age. Always fascinated by the creative process of art and crafting, she later found a strong passion for hair. A licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience in working with on-location brides across the east coast. What she has grown to love and appreciate the most, is the many opportunities to be of service on someones big day.

You can expect her calming energy to ease any stress you may have and simply put your hair in her hands.

Since living in Ithaca NY, Alison has gained a new perspective on bridal hair styling and wishes to bring inspirations of relaxed, natural yet sophisticated looks to all  future clients. Alison’s attention to detail and creative nature is what separates her from the rest. She will make sure you and your entourage feel and look as glamorous as ever.

Below are the teams Alison is affliated with as well as Bridal Pricing for Hair Styling Only. If you are intersted in booking Makeup as well, please contact Alison as she works with a number of Makeup Artist and would be happy to check their availblitly for your date. 

Jazmin Rae

Located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia, a boutique collective of talented hair stylists and makeup artists. Owner, Jazmin Rae, is an agency represented makeup artist and Philadelphia native with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. The award winning team is made up of traveling hair and make up professionals, with a strong passion for natural beauty, and the same “beauty beliefs” as Jazmin.

Bridal Pricing

Day of Bridal Hair Styling | $150

Hair Trial(s) | $90

Adult Hair Styling (14 years and older)| $85

Junior/Flower Girl Hair Styling (14 years and younger) | $65

A minimum requirement during peak season (April 1st to October 31st) is required to book artist. Minimum of $400 in services is required for all peak season weddings, and year round Saturday weddings.

Travel rate is $0.75/mile. As a courtesy first 30 miles are wavied. 

For further booking and information,click here to get in touch with Alison and reserve your date.

Burke Payne

Family owned and operated

since 2013 by owners Mike and

Tanya, Burke and Payne is a classic barbershop bringing skill and experience to Philly. Located in the Italian Market district of Philadelphia with a team of experienced barbers.

You can find Alison working:
Monday 11-8
Tuesday 11-4
Wednesday 11-4