The Pisces season is the time when humanity becomes one new race, one love, and one consciousness. It is also a time when there is no discernment, no discrimination (that is for Pisces antithesis, Vigo), patterns, texture, color, creed, and all races. Has Rihanna’s Pisces style ever caught your attention? Neon, florals, solids, stripes, and Polka dots, all of them are accepted in Pisces. All the possibilities are also accepted in Pisces because they are essential to our imaginations and dreams where the universe’s boundless limits are discovered, and people are brave enough to become artists.

Furthermore, the season is all about learning that forgiveness is an essential aspect of life. It is also about becoming empathetic to the world’s pain, letting our imaginations and pain to shine, and even getting lost in the process of life. Pisces season is a time when you want to commune with your soul and move out of your comfort zone by feeling your way into a color. So when the Pisces month comes, and you are out shopping in your nearest nail store or ordering your favorite color from nail supplies online, you should ask yourself if it serves your dreams for the season. Besides, all colors, including acrylics, gels, and dipping powder colors, are never discriminated against; they serve one purpose.

Pisces Happy Birthday

Your sign’s new moon on February 23rd and its opposite on March 9th is an indicator of a rebirth. Almost the last one month on your sign has been sent by Mercury Retrograde, gifting you with clarity about making your savvy intuitions better and clarity on goals, dreams, and ideas. Synchronicity is especially most apparent on February 20th. This season is your best season, and it implies that your best qualities should come first. For this reason, Mural Mural on The Wall is the shade that you should go shopping for. The color is light enough, but it is also sensual and alluring, making it the best complete me color. The color ignites love and your poetic prose; thus, you should own it, especially during the full moon on February 23rd and Venus entering Taurus on March 4th. It is also great for your career as it streamlines your career vision into more tangible experiences. Besides, it reminds you to start saving, especially when your finances have a great flow.


The season’s first two weeks have had you on fire, all the while with Venus on the sign. However, a little more downtime is needed. A short getaway or retreat is excellent, especially on February 23rd, and you should have at least got enough relief after March 4th, thus redefining your focus. Berlin There Done That is the shade that you should be looking for. It makes you more comfortable even though it has a little more taupe. The restlessness you have been facing due to the passion for chasing love will wear off after March 4th because this is the season to give yourself some TLC. The March 9th full moon creates a wave in your plans providing you with the best moments of your career.


This season has a high probability of being exciting as on March 4th, Venus will be entering your sign and your career intertwined with Mercury. All this can be achieved with the intoxicating mien of My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore hue. The vibrant red color is spontaneous, open, alive, and vibrant. An opportunity for exciting days and a promise for love also presents itself on March 9th. Focus on these opportunities because Mercury goes direct on the same date throwing your plans off the roof. It also presents you with a chance to invest more than you have been doing, thus ensuring that you are financially lucrative.


The focal point for this season is the person you are. It would help if you stayed open for news as Mercury will be going direct on March 16th. The news will allow you to either alter your viewpoint or change your plans. Enjoy this season with the I Am What I Amethyst shade. It is not only comfy but also tranquil. The blue sky color gives you a pastel mindset because you need a lot of comfort for this season. It will also help you achieve your desires for that deep and stable connection of love. You will also be blessed with accolades by the 23rd Feb moon, while that of March 9th tells you to spend less energy on the happenings outside your workplace. Besides, the season is great to practice how to get more money.


Your signs are vital because they bring out who you are and predict your most innate desires. Where do you fall? You can enjoy Cancer with the Mi Casa Es Blue Casa, Leo with Great Opera-Tunity, Virgo with iViva OPI, Libra with Black Cherry Chutney, Scorpio with Suzi Needs a Loch Smith, Sagittarius with Hue Is The Artist, Capricorn with Mariachi Makes My Day, and Aquarius with Chopstix And Stones.

Source: DTK Nail Supply