The winter months are gradually making their exit, whereby the days start getting warmer. While you might have plans laid out for the summer months, your nail care needs attention as you make the shift from the dark winter hues to the bold and bright summer shades.

The summer is the perfect time to experiment as it helps to build the mood for you to play with bright and flashy colors like crimson red and neon yellow. If you are looking to upgrade your nail manicures to match with the seasons, you are at the right place at the right time.

Here are some of the best OPI gel colors for summer that you should concentrate on. You can buy OPI gel online or even order your OPI nail supplies through us.

Top OPI Gel Colors for Summer

The smoky gray is an innovative addition this summer

The pandemic has forced almost everyone to stay away from nail salons. Hence, it has restricted much of their experimentation. For nearly a year, they have endured the typical nude and pastel polishes. This summer hopes to be different with nail salons back on their feet. The smoky gray shades can be the ideal contrasting change to the somber colors you had during the past few months. While it can be a great transformer with a range of nail shapes and lengths, it has the potential to be modern, hip, and provocative.

Smoky gray is one of the latest additions to the best OPI gel colors for summer this year.

The crimson red color is what attracts men towards you

As it is, women fancy the red shades more than anything. There is a specific reason behind it because men fin the color attractive, as well. The poppy red polish looks fresh as if plucked right out of your floral garden. Besides, this warm shade compensates for the dark colors you had endured during the long winter months.

As we see roses blooming around us on our gardens, it is the perfect time to bring out the bright red shades from your OPI nail supplies and use them to attract your man.

The pastel yellow is becoming a summer trend now

Generally, you associate pastel colors with spring, but with seasons merging, the pastel neon yellow shades gradually become a summer trend. Yellow color signifies sunshine, and that is what you get in plenty in the summer. The fantastic combo of neon shades and citrus yellow pastel hues gives you the edgy feel you yearn for during the summer.

So, yellow should be on top of your demand list as you buy OPI gel polish online.

The sky-blue is a perennial favorite during summer

If you rummage through any woman’s nailcare boutique, you will find the sky-blue nail polish bottle stating at you. It is another nature-inspired color that gels perfectly in the summer months. These are the few months that you get the opportunity to witness cloudless blue skies. It can be refreshing to have a similar shade on your nails to sync with nature.

Nature conservation is of prime importance today, and the sky-blue color on your nails is one way of showing that you are with nature in this endeavor.

Wear the creamy orange to welcome the sun early in the morning

While the red and blue shades are the regular nail polish colors you witness in summer, you can go slightly off the track and pitch in with the creamy orange shade. While looking resplendent, the creamy orange polish is the perfect way to welcome the bright orange sun in the morning.

If you go for gel polish, you should use a shiny topcoat and cure the gel under a UV lamp for longevity. Welcome the creamy orange as one of the most favored OPI gel colors for summer.

The pink shades can make you blush

A woman’s innate beauty comes to the fore when she blushes before her crush. The bright pink and peach colors can make you blush and thereby bring out your femininity. Though the pink hues have been with girls since their high school days, they never fail to create emotion, especially when your crush is around.

When you buy OPI gel polish online, it is advisable to check out if it is free of the ten toxic chemicals generally associated with nail polish.

Final thoughts

Our discussion on the different colors to wear for summer could go on forever because it is the perfect time to wear bright and flashy colors to welcome nature. The other months like the fall and winter, are gloomy enough to let you be creative. Welcome the summer months by ordering your OPI nail supplies through us, and be rest assured of its quality.