The most noteworthy trend in the nail spa industry is the attention to detail given to applying nail polish, and gel polishes. Whether done by a professional nail technician or at home, a thin layer of nail polish will give a fine, glossy finish. The right brand of nail products is the key to safe and long lasting manicures. Always settle for brands that are made with vegan ingredients.

Trusted manufacturers of nail care products are keen to provide their customers with reliable nail care kits. They understand that just like any job, a successful manicure session needs the right tools for the job. OPI gel polish set is an example of a product made to make nail care procedures absolutely effortless. For decades, OPI has formulated excellent products with an exceptional formula to provide the best nail treatments in the world.

One notable product from OPI is a fast-drying, highly pigmented nail polish called The First Lady of Nail. OPI nail polish comes in a wide array of shades and colors including the famous Green Come True model. In this post, we examine why gel nail polish is the best option in nail care, and where you can find the best nail care kits.

What Makes Gel Nail Polish the Better Option?

One common mistake in manicure sessions is forgetting to shake the nail polish bottles before use. Note that unlike traditional nail polish, gel polish must be treated with UV light in order to dry. Nevertheless, gel polish has unlimited options for practicing nail art. Always choose brands that come with opaque bottles, direct sunlight causes nail polish to harden. In fact, transparent bottles in use are an indicator of fake products. The curing process of gel polish is responsible for the longevity of this manicure since chemical reactions transform liquid polish into polymer.

It is a well-known fact that nail polish is kind to the hands compared to other forms of nail treatment. OPI gelcolor nail polish is tested and is known to be Toluene-free. The creamy, dreamy pastel shades are also formaldehyde-free. It blends well with your nails and allows for 3D nail art application. With OPI, you have the freedom to blend the color of your nails with skin tone. Nail extensions demand professional application and removal. The health benefit of gel color products is avoiding contact with unhygienic glue and unsterilized tools. Using gel polish automatically cuts the risk of nail infections.

Poor application of nail extensions can impair the growth of nails. With nail polish, the nails can heal from any trauma and grow stronger and healthier. Last, but not least, gel polishes are lightweight and give a natural feel. This makes them a great option in favor of other nail beauty techniques. Nail extensions, for instance, may feel unpleasant for starters. The only advantage of gel nail extensions over gel polishes is that the former can modify the length and shape of nails.

The Essence of A Reliable Gel polish Set

A genuine brand can easily get messy if it is not done with a good set of tools. Gel polishes are distinguished by their unadulterated color. The OPI gel nail polish set makes beauty therapy fast and enjoyable. It also cures in a record time of 30 seconds.

The best nail polish brand allows a fast application and an easy removal process, a well-equipped manicure set provides pro-wide brushes, buffer blocks, and other accessories that justify modern nail care techniques.

Four Considerations for A Perfect Nail Polish Manicure

There are several things you need to do to make beauty therapy sessions safe, neat, and enduring. These principles apply to skin care, nail care, and hair products:

Discontinue the use of a product if you observe any allergic reaction. This means that you take time when choosing nail care products. During the curing process, you may protect your skin from direct exposure of UV light by wearing fingerless gloves. Constantly use a moisturizer to protect your hands from brittleness. Whether you are doing the manicure at home or visiting a nail technician, hygiene comes first. Also, you may purposely visit only well-ventilated salons.


There are several ways of discovering genuine brands in a market filled with imitations. A true brand has an aromatic smell. Fake brands of gel nail polish tend to be stinky or runny. Genuine brands offer each color in a set with a top coat, the best brands contain vitamins and other ingredients to nourish the nails.

OPI is dedicated to providing unique intensely pigmented nail lacquers and other toxin-free nail care products. All their nail care products are chip proof and long lasting. A manicure set from OPI is furnished with every useful manicure accessory. These include pro-wide brushes, nail files and clippers, and elegant toe separators of many colors. There is a wide array of offers under OPI gelcolor nail polish.