Gel nail polish color is also considered a cosmetic used to “make up” the hands, gel nail polish colors help women’s hands become more attractive and more delicate. Since then, on the nail industry market, there are many types of gel nail polish with prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

What should be noted to prevent the gel nails from peeling

The demand for users as well as the number of suppliers has also increased significantly. At the same time, the color variety of the product lines is also gradually increasing. DND gel nail polish will be the product line that we encourage you to use to design eye-catching, beautiful nails. DND polish will help you create masterpieces right in your hands.

However, due to the busy social reality, the demand and quality of life are increasing day by day. The amount of money that people have to pay every month is a lot, in addition, they do not have much time to think about luxury beauty treatments. Therefore, many girls do not have the time or money to go to the salon to beautify their nails regularly. Surely there will be people who choose to buy gel nail polish colors to make at home. So, let’s get started to research about DND gel nail polish and this product’s details as well as the way to keep the gel nail gel color polish lasting for a long time without peeling.

DND Nail Gel Polish Color Products’ Details

DND gel & matching nail lacquer duo set is a super high gloss shine, it is able to last for over 14 days or up to 21 days without any chipping or peeling and the nail sets with DND polish can completely soak off in only 10 to 15 minutes. This professional system of gel nail polish offers a very wide range of over 370 different colors that applies faster and feels thinner at very pretty good deals.

Talking about the variety of color collections, daisy DND gel polish is occupying the #1 position in the color collection of gel nail polish worldwide. Hardly any gel nail polish company can do that! Because of the diverse palette of colors with such a large number of colors, it is not surprising that DND gel nail polish colors are so popular.

DND polish comes in their own exclusive range of colors, including luxurious glitter nail polish bottles. When choosing DND nail gel polish, you will have countless options for your nails and unlimited creativity. The product composition of a bottle of nail polish should be extracted from benign ingredients, extracted from nature, without adversely affecting your real nails. Products with such a list of ingredients will bring high safety and health assurance when you use them.

DND gel polish colors has all the standards to be evaluated as a superior product in the nail industry, it meets the standards of diverse colors, smooth nail polish, giving your nails a high gloss after completion. and durability is not inferior to any competitor on the market today.

What Should Be Noted to Prevent the Gel Nails from Peeling?

Usually, when a customer comes to the nail salons, the nail technician always soaks, washes and scrubs the customer’s nails before performing the gel nail polish service for the customer. While this process is like a spa treatment for your hands, it causes the nail polish to peel off quickly.

Because our nails often soften and expand when soaked in water. After that, they usually do a gel nail, but you should know that once it dries, the nail will shrink, causing the nail polish color to peel off more quickly.

Thus, the best way is to take care of your hands at home. You can also cut your own skin at home. Then just go to the nail salon for a manicure to help you with the nail polish steps. Guaranteed, with that method, you will save more time and your nails will last perfectly.

Final Thought

Test your creativity with DND daisy’s gel nail polish colors. Believe that you can create your own beautiful nail designs with them and confidently share your experiences with us.