Not every woman is good at doing her nails at home. One must agree that being ambidextrous is a talent. We are either left-handed or right-handed. Under such circumstances, it is tough to do a nail manicure with your less-dominant hand. Therefore, a DIY job generally does not come out perfectly.

Is there an alternative? Yes, a visit to a salon to get your nail manicure is a fantastic option. Let us see the benefits of visiting a salon over a DIY nail manicure.

Salon Vs. DIY

Here are some benefits of a salon job.

  • Let the expert do her job

The people working at a nail salon are professionals with tremendous experience in performing nail manicures. Now, they say, “Practice makes you perfect.” It is right in the case of nail salon technicians. They are at the job, day in and day out. They know the tricks better than us.

  • In tune with the latest trends

Trends keep changing by the minute. In this social media age, it does not take long for a fashion trend to travel from one place to another. Salon technicians keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends. Hence, you can always expect the latest fashion trends when you go for a salon nail manicure.

  • Range of top-quality products

An average woman does not know every detail of the best nail manicure products available on the market. They gather their knowledge from hearsay or fashion magazines.

Salon technicians, on the other hand, are professionals working on the field. They have access to the latest product releases like Kiara Sky dipping powder.

  • It is good to have someone pamper us.

As it is, we are living in a stressful world. It makes no sense to invite further stress by attempting a DIY nail manicure at home. A better option is to visit a nail salon and let the nail technicians pamper us. These experts know the knack of dealing with people. Besides guaranteeing an impeccable Kiara Sky nails job, the salon nail technician delivers the perfect nail massage to allow us to de-stress.

  • Nails last long when done at a salon

When you visit a salon, you do so for a specific purpose: to get an impeccable nail manicure. You do not have any other things to do. It is not possible to concentrate on the job when you do your nail manicure at home. You could receive a phone call, or someone might show up at the door. Besides distracting your attention, you could end up smudging your nails.

Just as there are benefits in a salon job, there are some drawbacks, as well. Here are some of the disadvantages of a salon job as compared to a DIY nail manicure.


  • A salon job can be expensive

Nothing comes free in this world. Yes, one admits that it costs a lot of money to get your salon manicure. When you perform a DIY at home, you save on many aspects, like travel time, fuel cost, and the labor you pay to the salon manicurist.

  • Choose your favorite color and product

When you attempt a DIY nail manicure, you can choose the combination you love. Kiara Sky dip powder color is available in a fantastic range of colors. You can select the best product based on your liking. Though salons also have all color combinations on display, choosing the right combo at home is a thrilling experience.

  • Maintain absolute hygiene

One of the critical advantages of a DIY job is the hygiene factor. The top-end salons maintain absolute hygiene but can be heavy on your budget. The smaller salons compromise a lot on the sanitation aspect. You could end up with a nail infection.

For example, multiple women dip their fingers into the dip powder at a salon. You do not know who has an infection and who does not. Nail infections are contagious. Following unhealthy practices at a salon can cause more harm than good.

At home, you are the only person using your dip powder. Hence, there is no chance for any infection spreading from others.

  • Experiment freely at home

A DIY job allows you to experiment freely. You have the liberty to try out whatever design you like. It is not possible at a salon. Though you might have your options, everything depends on the salon technician. Experimentation is not possible in a salon job.


We have seen the benefits of a salon job Vs. a DIY nail manicure. Though a DIY job seems exciting, it is better to let reasoning take over the exuberance factor. A salon job is a professional experience. It costs money, but you get better-looking Kiara Sky nails.